Yes, the bullet points are plagiarized from WordPress’ tutorial.  I’m new to this whole blogging thing and needed the help.

0. Me-Chris Monahan

1. What’s your goal?

To show an alternative, practical, everyday, quick and dirty use of PowerShell and PowerCLI.  Most of what I see on blogs and web site are clean and pretty scripts with fully expanded cmdlet names and comments.  Most of what I do are one offs- fixes, VM and host management, and reports.  I’m not knocking clean and pretty, it’s just not how I operate on a daily basis.

2. What topics are you most interested in?

Autonomics – Managing large environments – Virtualization – VMware – Cisco UCS – VMware’s PowerCLI – Microsoft’s PowerShell – Cisco’s PowerTool

3. What’s your perspective?

I’ve been using computers since high school in 1981.  I’ve been a 2nd shift operator on for some VAXes, fixed desktops, then did Windows server administration for about 15 years or so in both corporate IT and Internet sites, and, finally, have been doing VMware administration for the last 3 years.  The VMware work is less architecture/hosts and more VM management, migrating between large numbers of datastore, and anything else involving large numbers of objects that would take forever to do in the GUI.  I’ve been hacking at the limited command line tools in DOS/Windows with much frustration my whole server admin career.  When I discovered PowerShell/PowerCLI it was like the clouds parted, the sun shone through, and there were rainbows.

4. Who’s your target audience?

Other VMware admins who don’t like the clicky-clicky, take 5 steps to change one thing at a time method of systems administration.  Those who prefer what I think of as the “fire and forget” method of administration: set up your one-liner or script, hit enter, go work on something else, and go home on time.


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